GENERAL TERMS | Stoli Awards 2018


It imperative for venues wanting to take part in the 2018 Stoli Bar and Club Awards that they must have commenced business prior to the 30th of April 2019.

Each venue is assigned to a category. Candidates have the opportunity to dispute their pre-assigned category. However this does not mean that the organizer will agree on altering this. The organizer will review the candidate’s request, but has the last say when determining the venues category. The venues classification is based on criteria which the organizer reviews before the final classification. 

The minimum number of participants within a category must be at least five.  If a category within the competition does not include the minimum number or participants, then this category will become obsolete. In this instant candidates have the option of entering a category which they feel best represents their venue.  

Venues that have won the awards (within their category) for two consecutive years, cannot take part in the following year’s awards competition. During this one year brake, the venue will be given the opportunity to present an award to the winner of his category during the awards ceremony.   

During the evening of the awards ceremony, only the first ten participating venues within that category will be announced as potential winners.