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Terms & Conditions.


The www.stoliawards.net website (hereinafter called " the Website"), operated by Laiko Cosmos Trading, has been created for your personal information, education, information, communication and entertainment. Any use of this Website by users / visitors is based on the unreserved acceptance of the following terms and conditions, including our privacy policy. The terms, regulations and conditions listed below and any other applicable national, EU and/ or international legislation in force with regard to the Internet or the Web in general, apply to all users or visitors of the Website. We reserve our right, at any time, to modify and / or revise the terms, regulations and conditions of use by a simple updating of this message. The visitors / users of the Website are bound by any such modifications / revisions and it is their responsibility to periodically review this page for modifications and / or changes in these terms, regulations and conditions of use, which enter into force simultaneously with their posting on the Website. Moreover, the continued use of the Website by visitors / users will be deemed to be an acceptance of these terms, regulations and conditions of use, including our privacy policy. In the event any service provided by the Website is governed by specific terms of use, these terms shall be considered to be part of the entire present terms, regulations and conditions and where there is conflict between the two, the specific terms of each service shall prevail.

It is strictly forbidden to minors to use the Website and its content which is exclusively addressed to adults in accordance with the law,. Despite this, if minors visit the Website or make use of its content or the services it offers, which might be considered unsuitable for them, Laiko Cosmos Trading and the companies linked to it, shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever. The Website is provided for usage by visitors / users who are in legal age to buy alcohol in the country where they reside and the country from which they access this Website. If not included in this category, they might violate the laws and regulations applicable in their country of residence or the country from which they access to the Website and they must quit the Website immediately.


All references to 'our', 'us' or 'the company' within these terms and conditions and within the elective notification, shall be deemed to refer to Laiko Cosmos Trading, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies and partners.
Content - Protection - Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

All rights for the entire content and material (including but not limited to, images, text, web pages, software - programming code, software structure, website interface -, audio, video, images, web pages, percept ( sensation ) and display, design and combination thereof ) of the Website belong to us or our licensees. The visitors / users of the Website agree and accept that they are allowed to use such material and content only as provided and permitted to them under the present terms, regulations and conditions or as otherwise expressly permitted by us in writing and / or our licensees. Any form of reproduction, copying, public display, transmission, distribution, commercialization, translation, adaptation, junction, modification, combination, merger or disposal to any person or the creation of derivative works of such material or content is strictly prohibited. For each participant's votes to be valid one must vote in all categories and 'SUBMIT'. In case that this is not fullfilled an automatic email generated will be sent out from info@stoliawards.net as a reminder for each participant to complete the voting process and be considered valid. 

All trademarks, logos, distinctive features of industrial designs, trademarks for goods and services, patents, copyrights, database rights and all other intellectual property rights displayed or included on the Website, are, unless otherwise indicated, our property and / or third parties, either they are deposited / registered or not. Unless provided in these terms, regulations and conditions of usage, the use of this Website does not give you any right, title, interest or license to any intellectual property that is accessible through the Website and any use or reproduction of intellectual property is strictly prohibited. Nothing contained in this Website should be construed as an expressed or implied license or right of use of any form of trademark and / or other intellectual property displayed on this Website without our written permission or that of third parties owners of trademarks and / or other intellectual property displayed on this Website.

Restrictions - Copy Prohibition

Website visitors / users are permitted to print copies of its material / content provided it is exclusively for their own legitimate personal noncommercial use. Any other copying in whatever form (including electronic, printed, etc.) is strictly prohibited and might be considered as a violation of laws, including national, European and international intellectual property law. Moreover any form of reproduction, public display, copying, transmission, adaptation, distribution, conversion, translation, consolidation, combination, merger, sharing and / or disposal to any person or the creation of derivative works from such material or content is strictly prohibited, without securing our prior written consent. Any other rights are reserved.